Mmm, Smells Like Summer

Formulated with oatmeal and pure aloe vera gel to moisturize and soothe dry skin. These natural ingredients bring relief to dry, itchy skin and leave rough, chapped areas smooth and soft.

  • Rich in Aloe & Oatmeal
  • Leaves skin noticeably softer and healthier
  • Gentle soap-free formula


  • Both are non-prescription, clinically-proven, and natural & fragrance-free
  • Borage addresses a fundamental cause of dry skin by supplying OMEGA-6 oils directly to skin cells
  • CBD has been shown to provide impressive health and wellness benefits.
  • ShiKai CBD Topical products contain a pure, odorless and colorless form of CBD.


Most topicals work on the skin’s surface to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, while ignoring the real cause. But Borage CBD Cream contains borage oil, which helps to relieve dry skin by reversing a deficiency of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a critical omega-6 fatty acid. Your body requires GLA to support the formation and maintenance of healthy skin cell membranes. This botanically-based formula with borage oil and cannabidiol (CBD) is designed to meet the demands of discerning customers.


Our CBD products are white, do not smell like marijuana, are not greasy, spread easily on the body and are quickly absorbed into the skin.

CBD isolate is cannabidiol (CBD) in its purest form.  It is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is first extracted from a whole hemp plant using a carbon dioxide extraction method. This separates all of the plant oils, waxes, terpenes and other fat-soluble materials from the plant. This oil-based mixture then undergoes high-pressure liquid chromatography or (HPLC) during which all its various chemical components are separated. What remains is pure cannabidiol in the form of white crystals or powder that has been isolated from the rest of the plant.

We formulate and manufacture everything in our 40,000 sq ft facility in Northern California. Our factory capacity is 100,000 fl ounces per 8-hour shift, allowing us to fulfill orders large and small.

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