Growing evidence indicates that topical applications of CBD can provide pretty impressive medical benefits.

Our customers claim to get relief from our products and keep coming back for more.

  • All of our products are non-psychoactive and do not contain THC.
  • We use a pure, odorless and colorless form of CBD.
  • We use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients.
  • Each product batch is tested for CBD concentration.
  • Made in Santa Rosa, CA, in ShiKai’s own production facility.
  • No animal testing or ingredients (ever).

All of our CBD topicals contain THE SAME CONCENTRATION of CBD.  We’ve made it simple for you to choose the type of product that best suits your needs without worrying about product potency.

  • ShiKai CBD Cream 250 mg – 2 oz

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  • ShiKai CBD Mentholated Cream 375 mg – 3 oz

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  • ShiKai CBD Body Lotion 750 mg – 6 oz

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Try ShiKai CBD Topicals, and see if they are right for you.

Currently, we are selling and shipping CBD products to Alabama - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Kentucky - Maine - Massachusetts - Montana - Minnesota - New York - Oregon - Rhode Island - South Carolina - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - Wisconsin. We may ship to more states in the near future, so check back to see if this has changed.

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