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For the biker in your family
Biker Soap

" I created this formula years ago when my teenage son, daughter and their friends would return after a day of bicycling covered in road dirt, grease and grime."

Formulator for ShiKai Products

They complained about the traditional cleansers which worked but left their skin dry and cracked. They knew their chemist "ShiKai Dad" could come up with something better. They asked for a liquid soap which got the grease off quickly & was natural, gentle and safe -- Oh, and was not tested on animals. They wanted it all -- a tall order, he said.

And he did it. The result is this liquid hand soap which our family has been using for years. We are now marketing it as "Biker Soap" and making it available to our customers and retailers. Look for it at your favorite store or buy it now on-line (below).

  Quickly removes the toughest oils, grease and road dirt.
  Is gentle. Won't damage or dry skin and will leave hands soft, smooth and moisturized.
  A natural cleanser which contains no drying agents or harsh chemicals, no pumice or abrasives.
  Gentle enough for the whole family to use everyday.
 Contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.

HINT -- Keep a bottle on your kitchen counter. Biker Soap works equally well to remove kitchen grease & fish oil from hands.

Biker Soap

A powerful but gentle liquid hand soap for the whole family. Gets grease & oils off quickly.

12 oz


Biker Soap
2 oz



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